Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Solutions Chapter 24 Senses Alert

Balbharti Maharashtra State Board Class 5 English Solutions Chapter 24 Senses Alert Notes, Textbook Exercise Important Questions and Answers.

Maharashtra State Board Class 5 English Solutions Chapter 24 Senses Alert

English Balbharati Std 5 Digest Chapter 24 Senses Alert Textbook Questions and Answers

Question 1.
Look at the photographs on textbook pages 60-61 carefully and imagine the following:

  • The colours, shape, size, actions, etc. of what you see in the picture.
  • The sound/sounds you may hear at the scene of the photograph.
  • How the different things, birds, animals, etc. in the picture feel to the touch.
  • The smell / smells you may smell at the scene of the picture.
  • The taste of what you see in the pictures.

1. The photograph shows a beautiful red rose. It looks bright and freshly bloomed. Its fragrance is divine. The flower adds beauty to the garden.

2. The photograph shows a cute, little squirrel. It is sitting on our window sill. It is sniffing at the food-stuff kept for it. It is furry and soft. It is light brown in colour with black stripes on its back.

3. The photograph shows slices of lemon. It’s bright yellow in colour. It is sour to taste. Its juice makes a refreshing drink in summer. It is used to make delicious pickles. It contains Vitamin C. I love to drink lemon juice.

4. There is a photograph of a small girl. Her school uniform is red in colour. She is carrying a blue school bag on her shoulders. She is sitting on a bench, waiting for mummy to come and take her home.

5. There is a photograph of a lantern hung on the ceiling. It is in shades of blue with wonderful geometrical designs on it. The dim light makes the designs look beautiful.

6. These are colourful porcelain (China clay) vases. The vases are of bright, blue, green, red and orange colour. I would love to have some of them, as it would beautify my home.

7. The ice cream cone is of strawberry flavour. It surely looks tempting and delicious. Eating ice-creams during the summer season is cool!

8. The photograph is of a soft doll, green and white in colour with beautiful black eyes and golden hair. I would love to cuddle it because it looks very soft and adorable.

9. This is a robin sitting on a branch. It seems to be chirping loudly. It seems quite chubby. I wish I could hold it in my hands and feel its softness.

10. This is a bitter-gourd. It is a vegetable which is bitter in taste. The outer skin of the bitter gourd is rough. It is green in colour. Its juice is given as medicine to people suffering from diabetes. Stuffed bitter-gourd is yummy. You should also try it.

11. The photograph shows rocks in the form of steps. They are like hard black stones, sloping down a mountain. During the rainy season, one can enjoy the beautiful sight of waterfalls, the water gushing down the slopes. It is also home to small creatures. One enjoys sitting on them when it is dry.

12. The hard, small ball, also known as the season ball is used to play cricket. I like bowling and I practise with it while playing at the nets. The bowlers like to rub it on their trousers to remove the shine and spin it more.
The small green grapes are sweet and sometimes sour. I like to keep two or three in my mouth and enjoy the taste. It is good for health. I also enjoy eating black grapes and also grape juice.

13. The picture of colourful balloons in different shapes and sizes. It looks so colourful and beautiful. How wonderful to send them flying in the air. Balloons are released on happy occasions. Children love to burst them.

14. During Holl, children fill the balloons with coloured water and throw them on one another. What fun!
The big black buffalo is also called bull. Its bellow is loud and harsh, which can frighten young and old. It is a strong animal. It feeds on hay. It is a wild animal like a large cow, with horns that curve upwards.

16. The picture of a chimney emitting smoke, such chimneys are seen in factories. The smoke causes irritation to the eyes, and also the throat. The smoke causes air pollution. It also makes the sky look black and dull.

17. The chilies are green and red in colour. It is very pungent, but it adds taste to the food. The strong aroma can make you sneeze especially when it is used as a food flavour for seasoning. My mother fills the chillies with masala and makes delicious pickles.

18. The beautiful sunset scene looks glorious. The rays of the sun are reflected in the water. The twilight sky fills you with a cool mind. I like to go to the sea side in the evenings to watch the sunset and the beautiful panorama.

19. The cactus is a thick flushy plant that grows in many hot, dry parts of the world. Cactus have no leaves but are covered in prickles or sharp thorns. Have you heard of aloe-vera products – creams, gels, ointments? All kinds of herbal mediums are prepared with cactus leaves. Not so beautiful to look at but it has many medicinal properties.

20. The picture of the eggs makes your mouth water. Itis said that the yolk of the egg (yellow part) is good for health. My mother gives me the yolk whenever I have a bad cold or cough. You can eat it boiled, fried, scrambled or as a pizza. It is tasty, yummy and crunchy. One also uses eggs to bake cakes and pastries and some sweets. There are also many people who do not eat eggs or any non-vegetarian food.

Maharashtra Board Class 5 English Solutions Chapter 24 Senses Alert